“I thought the sport class (Canine Sports Medicine) was one of the best I've been to for years and am so looking forward to the future classes. Thanks again and thanks, Chris (Zink), for your patience with all my questions."
–David Hirsch, DVM,
Cape May Court House, New Jersey

“I fully enjoyed this course. I thought Chris did a great job keeping our focus and explaining while adding in real-life situations that we can understand in everyday practice."
–Debra Schafer, DVM, CVA,
Velpen, Indiana

“This class (Canine Sports Medicine) really made learning fun. Dr. Zink is a great instructor. The videos were excellent! I feel like I have a better understanding of canine sports. Seeing dogs in action in each of the sports was very helpful. Great class!"
–Mandy Brody, RVT, CCRA,
Atlanta, Georgia

Canine Sports Medicine
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Upcoming Dates

» May 21-23, 2022
Canine Sports Medicine, Het Waterhof, Velm, Belgium. For more information, please email Ellen Martens of Het Waterhof directly.

» July 8-10, 2022
Canine Sports Medicine, Littleton, Colorado, $1,850.

» Future Class
Canine Sports Medicine, Florida or Colorado location, $1,850.


» Save with a 2-Course Package!
Save when you register for Canine Rehabilitation Veterinary Nurse together with Canine Sports Medicine. You will have the opportunity to select your preferred dates when you register.

2-Course Package: Canine Rehabilitation Veterinary Nurse plus Canine Sports Medicine, $4,115.


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Watch our video overview to learn more about this course.

"CRI’s Canine Sports Medicine inspired me to shift the focus of my veterinary practice to canine rehabilitation. Dr. Chris Zink was a terrific teacher. She did a great job explaining how structure and biomechanics impact the performance of canine athletes. The information she presented on injury prevention, treatment, and recovery was priceless!" –Alice Baker Meuten, DVM, DACVSMR, MS-TCVM, CCRT, cAVCA, CVA, Fort Collins, Colorado


Prerequisites: This 3-day course with an additional 6 hours of online lectures is open to all licensed veterinarians. Veterinary technicians/nurses and physical therapists that have completed Introduction to Canine Rehabilitation and veterinary technicians/nurses and physical therapists certified as Canine Rehabilitation Practitioners (CCRP) are also welcome. Physical therapists who have hands-on competition experience in canine sports may attend this course before completing Introduction to Canine Rehabilitation. Veterinary technicians/nurses must submit an Employment Agreement Letter indicating that they are under the supervision of a veterinarian or physical therapist who is either: certified in canine rehabilitation (CCRT or CCRP only) or is pursuing CCRT certification and has completed Introduction to Canine Rehabilitation or has a seat confirmed in that course.
Note: Class lectures and discussions will proceed under the assumption that students have viewed all of the pre-course online videos beforethe first day of class!

Online coursework: This course has 6 hours of online pre-coursework that must be completed before the first day of class.
Registered students: Please set aside the time you need to do the online pre-coursework before the first day of class. We will email instructions for accessing the pre-course work when we confirm your registration.

Course Description: Canine Sports Medicine provides students with a fundamental understanding of structure and locomotion as they relate to performance, and an introduction to canine sporting events. Sports injuries in canine athletes are covered in depth including their causes, prevention and rehabilitation. The role that psychology can play in the rehabilitation of the canine athlete is also discussed. Participants get hands-on experience with dogs on site.

This course is RACE approved by the AAVSB.

Please note: Students who do not attend a full day of class will not receive any CE credit hours for that day and may have to return to make up the missing hours.

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Course Fee: $1,850 (for courses located in the U.S.).
Note: Save $350! CCRVN students that choose Canine Sports Medicine for their elective can take a $350 discount in the course fee. Click on the "Nurse/Technician Discount" button during checkout.

Topics Covered Include:

  • Canine sporting events: the organizations that oversee them and the breeds that participate
  • Anatomical structures and locomotion as they relate to canine performance
  • Gait assessment and retraining
  • Lameness evaluation
  • Canine sports injuries: causes, prevention and targeted rehabilitation
  • Conditioning for the canine athlete
  • Erogenic drugs (ethical and unethical)
  • Nutrition and supplements for the canine athlete
  • Canine sports psychology and how it can effect rehabilitation

There is a 1-hour break for lunch. Registered students: Please watch for specific emails about each class as there may be occasional minor changes to class times.

At the end of DAY 3, students are given an open-book, take-home final exam that they have 30 days to complete. Collaboration with fellow classmates is encouraged.


More praise for Canine Sports Medicine and CRI graduates ...

What do students say about Canine Sports Medicine?

“Chris is amazing and hilarious. She presents in a very relaxed manner which immediately feels less stressful. Chris made me feel like I could actually do this and enjoy the lifelong learning process."
– Eileen Gillen, DVM, CCRT, Santa Ynez, California

“Chris explained everything amazingly well. She definitely is an amazing asset to the course and I am looking forward to learning more from her!"
– Samantha Peters, PT, DPT, CSCS, CCRT, Celebration, Florida

What do clients say about veterinary professionals with canine sports medicine expertise?

"Our retrievers are hard-working dogs and have greatly benefited from the training in canine rehabilitation and conditioning that Dr. Alice Baker Meuten received at Canine Rehabilitation Institute. The dogs love it when Dr. Alice comes to visit, and we would not have been as successful over the past few years as we have been without her expertise and guidance."
- Marcy Wright and Kenny Trott, Horsetooth Retriever Kennel, Wellington, Colorado

"My dogs and I are so lucky to have such an experienced, well-educated, and committed veterinarian to support us. Dr. Alice Baker Meuten has been working with my performance dogs for 9 years. Her dedication, compassion, and training as a Canine Rehabilitation Therapist have been key to keeping my agility dogs in top condition well into their old age."
- Nicole Levesque, The Spirited Dog, Arvada, Colorado

"Several years ago, through a series of unfortunate events, my golden retriever, George, was left paralyzed. With the incredible expertise and caring efforts of CRI-trained professionals, George went on to a full recovery and returned to her life as a competition dog, completing obedience, rally and tracking. I can never thank the professionals enough to bring this special dog back to an active and happy life. … As an owner of active canine athletes, it is inevitable that they incur injuries. How lucky I am to have a team of CRI graduates to attend to ongoing issues encountered during their sports. Attending to injuries early has kept my crew in action, doing what they love."
- Deb Lewis, Lookout Golden Retrievers, Berthoud, Colorado