“This is the best continuing education I have ever taken
part in."

–Carl Rischen, DVM, DACVS,
Gig Harbor, Washington
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New Graduates

Please join us in congratulating our new CRI graduates!

We have lots of news to share!


January 2018

Blue Dog Designs and Canine Rehabilitation Institute Announce the "Help 'Em Out" Contest for Veterinary Technicians/Nurses

Blue Dog Designs and Help 'Em Up™ Harness logoBlue Dog Designs, makers of the Help 'Em Upô Harness, is partnering with CRI to encourage veterinary technicians/nurses to pursue education in canine rehabilitation. The winner of the "Help 'Em Out" contest will receive free tuition for Introduction to Canine Rehabilitation, one of the three courses required for certification by Canine Rehabilitation Institute - a $2,900 value!

The "Help 'Em Out" contest is open February 1 through March 15, 2018. Entrants will need to meet the prerequisites for CRI's Introduction to Canine Rehabilitation, and write 400-500 words explaining why they are interested in canine rehabilitation and what they hope to accomplish in their career. The winner will be selected by representatives from Blue Dog Designs and CRI by April 1, 2018, and would be eligible to attend Introduction to Canine Rehabilitation as early as June 9-13 in Wheat Ridge, Colorado.

Information about the contest and an entry form can be found on the Blue Dog Designs and CRI "Help 'Em Out" Contest for Veterinary Technicians/Nurses page on the CRI website.


March 2017

Congratulations to CRI's 1,000th Graduate ... David Costanza!

David CostanzaThe faculty and staff members of CRI are thrilled to announce that we have certified our 1,000th graduate - David N. Costanza, VT, BA, CCRA!

David completed his CCRA certification in January. His dog Dobby also attended all three courses with David.

"We were so excited when we realized that David is our 1,000th graduate as he's been one of our all-time favorite students, and Dobby is one of our all-time favorite demo dogs," said Dr. Janet Van Dyke, CEO and founder of the Canine Rehabilitation Institute.

David works with Randy Aronson, VMD, CCRT, (CVA Pending), at PAWS Veterinary Center in Tucson, Arizona. The team at PAWS had the highest praise for David and shared more about his exceptional skills with their patients and clients.

"David received his bachelor's degree from the University of Arizona in 2002 and graduated from the Veterinary Assistant program at Pima Medical Institute in early 2013. With his long history as a marathon runner and great passion for rehabilitation and integrative medicine, David decided to attend the Canine Rehabilitation Institute to better serve the clients and patients of PAWS and is now a Certified Canine Rehabilitation Assistant. His health-conscious nature, compassion, and knowledge ensure that the patients at PAWS are in great hands.

"David has been a beloved team member at PAWS Veterinary Center since 2013. Foremost, he is an exceptional person. His genuine warmth, concern and compassion for people and animals alike are inspiring. He handles nervous pets with a gentle, unhurried and reassuring touch. We call him the 'dog whisperer.' Our clients and patients love his kind and patient demeanor and his commitment to helping them achieve their recovery goals. He has a great sense of humor and a consistently positive attitude. The team loves him because he is the go-to person for words of encouragement and a shoulder massage after a long and trying day. He is always willing to listen and offer support; he is the kind of coworker that will help you move on a Sunday. He reminds all of us why we love what we do. He keeps us laughing and even inspires team 5K fitness events. We are so proud of his achievements through his CRI certification, and we are truly grateful for the contributions he has made to our practice, our team, clients and patients."

Left: Dr. Randy Aronson and David Costanza. Right: David with Dobby.

Left: Dr. Randy Aronson and David Costanza. Right: David with superstar demo dog Dobby.

PAWS Veterinary Center is Southern Arizona's destination for companion animal healing and wellness. Integrative veterinary care unifies the science of conventional medicine with the benefits of complementary therapies to create health, promoting wellness, longevity and quality of life for its clients' best friends. To learn more about its award-winning facility, visit PawsTucson.com.

To celebrate our 1,000th graduate, CRI is giving David free tuition to any CRI continuing education course for which he is eligible and has sent Dobby a BarkBox with toys and treats.

Congratulations again to David!


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Congratulations to Our New Graduates

January 2018
Brianne Bellwood, RVT, VTS, CCRA
Candy Bramley, PT, DPT, CCRT
Jessica Dreyfuss, DVM, CCRT
Alissa Edoff, BVMS, cVMA, CCRT
Rachel Long, CVT, CCRA
Scott Makower, PT, PES, FMS-C, CCRT
Tiffany Matthis, CVT, CCRA
Teresa Nativadad, RVT, CCRA
Angela Pace, PT, DPT, MTC, CCRT
Renee Scholz, PT, CCRT
Kristina Shish, DVM, CCRT
Ray Spragley, DVM, CCRT
Laura Surovi, DVM, CVA, CCRT
Dawn Taks, CVT, CCRA
Lina Vaca, DVM, CVA, CCRT

December 2017
Taylor Anderson, LMT, CCRA
Jennifer Freeman, DVM, CVA, CVCH, CCRT
Kelly Hopper, DVM, MS, DACLAM, CCRT
TaeHoon Kim, DVM, CCRT
Megan Luebke, CVT, CCRA
Alanna Mondiello, LVT, CCRA
PJ Rocheleau, DVM, CCRT

November 2017
Lora Abbott, DVM, CCRT
Karen Barnes, DVM, CCRT
Felicity Harradine, BVSc, MVS, MANZCVS, CVA (IVAS), CCRT
Toru Ishii, DVM, MS, CCRT
Britta Johnsson, PT, CCRT
Brandy Miller, CCRA
Heather Roloff, DPT, CCRT
Shawn Thompson, CVT, CCRA
Krista Welsh, DVM, CCRT

October 2017
Omer Coskun, DVM, CCRT
Jennifer Eckenrode, DVM, CCRT
Lorie Ehler, PT, DPT, MAEd, ATC, CCRT
Andrea Ford, CCRA
Lindsey Gavel, CCRA
Angela Rawlings, DVM, CCRT
Christian Vazquez, CCRA

September 2017
Jess Bale, BSc, LVT, RVT, CCRA
Jamison Lewis, RVT, CCRA
Tisha Posey, DVM, CCRT
Teresa Richards, CCRA
Taylor Sobchuk, DVM, CCRT
Geof Zann, DVM, CCRT

August 2017
Chun GI Choi, DVM, CCRT
Gab-Chol Choi, DVM, CCRT
Blair Cornman, VMD, CCRT
Suyoung Heo, DVM, MS, PhD, CCRT
Roxanna Khorzad, DVM, CCRT
Seok-Jung Kim, DVM, CCRT
David Menard, DVM, CCRT
Anna Sim, BSc, BVMS, CCRT
Lisa St. Aubin, DVM, MPVM, CVSMT, CCRT

July 2017
Wanda Borganelli, PT, CCRT
Ginny Carlson, DVM, CCRT
Yoko Clinch, BSc, BVMS (Hons), MANZCVS, CCRT
Karyn Jones, BSc, DVM, CCRT
Julie Mahaney, DVM, MS, CVA, cVSMT, CCRT
Tia Perry, DVM, MPH, CCRT
Drew Porterfield, BS, CCRA
Carrie Turner, DVM, CVA, CCRT

June 2017
Kaethy Carvajal, DPT, CCRT
Sandra Hassett, BVSc, MBA, MVCA, CCRT
Esther Horton, BVSc (Hons), CVA, IVAS, CCRT
Dorothy Kitchen, DVM, CCRT
Kim Lim, BVSc (Hons), MChiro, CCRT
Louise Mesher, DVM, CCRT
Sergije Prostran, DVM, CCRT
Christine Stevens, DVM, CCRT

May 2017
Michael Bell, BVSc, CCRT
Jiwan Choi, DVM, CCRT
Patricia Squillace Cleary, DVM, MS, CCRT
Barb Fuglsang, DVM, CCRT
Kriszty Kelly, BSc, BVMS (Hons), CCRT
Michaela Konakova, MVDr., CCRT
Eungoo Lee, DVM, MS, CVA, CCRT
Genevieve Liebich, BVSc (Hons), BPhtv., CCRT
Andrea Martin, MSPT, CCRT
Amy Rogato, PT, DPT, CCRT
Holly Smith, DVM, CVPP, cVMA, CCRT
Diego Sobrino, DVM, CVA, CCRT

April 2017
Stephanie Bedard, DVM, CCRT
Alexandra Blecich, DVM, CCRT
Russ Brewer, DVM, cVMA, CVSMT, CCRT
Raul Casa-Dolz, DVM, CCRT
Anastasia Chernievskaia, DVM, CCRT
Susan Hill, Bsc, BVSc, CCRT
Joan Kollidge, MPT, CCRT
Birgitte Langvad, DVM, CCRT
Jennifer Martinson, DVM, CCRT
Jagbir Natt, DVM, CCRT
Roy Pickavance, PT, CCRT
Ednellys Rivera, DVM, CCRT
Wendy Robinson-Kronkhyte, DVM, CCRT
Kris Young, BSc, MSc, DVM, CCRT

March 2017
Kori Dreitlein, DVM, CCRT
Amy Egger, PT, CCRT
Cynthia Knapp, DVM, CCRT
Amanda Martin, BA, CVT, CCRA
Jaclyn Montpetit, DVM, CCRT
Michelle Murray-Scibelli, MS, DVM, DACVIM (neurology), CCRT
Mark E. Sharp, DVM, CCRT
Cierra Tabony, DVM, CCRT
Susan Trchka, PT, CCRT
Aimee Walker, BS, LVT, CCRA
Jodi Weiser, DVM, CCRT

February 2017
Rebecca Ainsworth, BVSc, CCRT
David Costanza, BA, CCRA
Erica Parise, PT, DPT, CCRT
Sylwia Polomska, DVM, CCRA
Rona Schmidt, DVM, CCRT
Joshua Telsey, DPT, COMT, CCRT
Patricia Wagner, DVM, MS, CCRT

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