“This is the best continuing education I have ever taken
part in."

–Carl Rischen, DVM, DACVS,
Gig Harbor, Washington
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New Graduates

Please join us in congratulating our new CRI graduates!

We have lots of news to share!


January 2016

Congratulations to OrthoPets!

We were thrilled to learn that CRI faculty member Martin Kaufmann and colleagues at OrthoPets were surprised last month by Deluxe Corporation with a $25,000 Small Business Revolution Award. Deluxe honored four businesses across the U.S. as part of its 100th anniversary.

Amanda Brinkman, chief brand and communications officer at Deluxe, describes the surprise event: "Last week in Denver, one of our most moving experiences occurred in a restaurant that serves people and their pets. Over the course of our contest, OrthoPets received the most nominations, nearly 80. This unique company provides prosthetics and orthotic braces to help animals recover from broken limbs or loss of limbs. Working with a member of their staff, we invited past patients and their owners to help surprise OrthoPets owner Martin Kaufmann and his family. OrthoPets was chosen not only because they received the most nominations, but because their mission is so moving, helping animals across the country recover from what could otherwise be life-ending injuries."

Read the complete story.


Job Posting: Physical Rehabilitation, Cornell University Veterinary Specialists, Stamford, Connecticut

Cornell job postingCornell University Veterinary Specialists (CUVS) is looking for a board-certified rehabilitation specialist (ACVSMR) or CCRT-certified individual who is planning on board-certification, to join our incredible group. Additional certification in acupuncture or other integrative modalities is preferred. Read the complete job posting for more information.

CUVS is a mission-driven and rapidly-growing specialty and emergency center. Our goal is to merge exceptional and innovative medicine with concierge service and a highly efficient infrastructure. CUVS is specialist-run, with doctors guiding strategic and operational decisions.  As a subsidiary of Cornell University, we also benefit from the outstanding resources of Cornell, including opportunities for collaboration, residency training, teaching and clinical trials.

To learn more, read the complete job posting.


December 2015

Coral Springs Animal Hospital: Specialty Surgical Nurse Needed

Coral Springs Animal Hospital job postingCoral Springs Animal Hospital (General Practice, Specialty Care & Emergency/Critical Care Practice, open 24/7/365) is accepting applications from enthusiastic, motivated, compassionate, dedicated, quality-minded technicians, CVTs, LVTs, RVTs (or equivalent experience). We practice professional, excellent veterinary medicine and surgery with the highest degree of ethics and integrity. We are looking for individuals who want to apply their veterinary nursing skills to the fullest and have a strong desire for professional advancement.

General Description:  Performs and/or assists with all aspects of surgical nursing, anesthesia monitoring/maintenance, pain management, pet owner communications, general patient care, and care/maintenance of work area(s) and equipment.

Required: Advanced Anesthesia and Specialty Surgery knowledge required.
Preferred: Associate degree in veterinary technology or CVT, LVT, or RVT.

To learn more, read the complete job posting.


July 2015

CRI Announces Course Fee Increases for 2016

July 9, 2015—The Canine Rehabilitation Institute has announced that some fees are increasing for 2016 courses. The new fees are:

We also are offering a larger discount ($150 instead of $125) for all students who register for a 2-course package (either The Canine Rehabilitation Therapist or The Canine Rehabilitation Assistant plus Canine Sports Medicine).

Please see the Course Schedule page of our website for a complete list of upcoming courses.


June 2015

Coral Springs Animal Hospital: Board-Certified Surgeon Needed

Coral Springs Animal Hospital job postingJune 10, 2015—Coral Springs Animal Hospital is seeking a Board Certified Surgeon. Coral Springs Animal Hospital, established in 1977, is a General, Specialty, and Emergency/Critical Care Hospital open 24/7/365 located near Fort Lauderdale, Florida. We moved into a brand new 38,000 square foot building in November 2008. In 2015, we were named the AAHA Referral Practice of the Year as well as the PetPlan Practice of the Year.

We have Board Certified Specialists in Internal Medicine (3), Oncology (1), Surgery (2), Cardiology (1), Radiology (5), Ophthalmology (1), and Behavior (1) and a Residency Trained Criticalist. We also have an established comprehensive Canine Rehabilitation Service with Certified Canine Rehabilitation Therapists (2) and Certified Canine Rehabilitation Assistants (3).

Experienced emergency clinicians and rotating interns staff the hospital 24/7 to care for your patients out of hours. We have an excellent support staff of 120 individuals with very low turnover.
Our caseload continues to grow with over 600 referring veterinarians.

To learn more, read the complete job posting.


"'A little miracle occurs': Human technology provides prosthetic limbs for pets," The Today Show

June 5, 2015—A recent video segment on The Today Show featured Goody, an abused pit bull who was able to walk naturally again after receiving two prosthetics made by OrthoPets.

The story also featured CRI faculty member Martin Kaufmann, C-Ped, founder of OrthoPets, and Dallas veterinarian Dr. Douglas Stramel, who attended CRI's Orthotics and Prosthetics in Canine Rehabilitation class in 2013.


The segment shows the process involved in making Goody's prothestics, from creating molds to assembling the finished prosthetic.

The video also shows Goody being able to walk naturally as soon as the prosthetics are put on.

"Amazing... truly amazing, she's, she's a good dog and what's she doing, I was not expecting this," Stramel said. "I was hoping we would get them on, I was going to be thrilled if she would stand, and she's standing there without issues going, 'OK mom, let's walk.' She's a trooper."

Read the full article and watch the interview …


May 2015

Case Study: Rufus

May 28, 2015—CRI graduate Dr. Pete van Dongen of Kent, Great Britain, recently shared a case report with us about his patient Rufus, who recovered from severe brain damage after daily intensive rehabilitation.

"This is the story of Rufus, a lovely 8 year old, male neutered, Hungarian Viszla Crossbreed, who was hit by a car on Wednesday 15th April 2015 and subsequently seen by our vets at Pennard Vets Tonbridge for immediate veterinary care. After initial stabilisation and treatment Rufus seemed to be doing OK, but then, a day later, suddenly took a turn for the worse and became tetraplegic (paralysed on all four legs) which led him to be referred to North Downs Specialist Referrals, where he was admitted for a full neurological examination, including MRI scans of his brain. These scans showed that he was suffering from severe brain damage, characterised by multiple fluid accumulations, exactly like is seen in 'Shaken Baby Syndrome' in people."

After Rufus's daily rehabilitation program, Dr. van Dongen reported on his progress:

"Within just over 2 weeks, Rufus had gone from a totally paralysed dog to one that was standing, walking, wagging and weeing and enjoying a decent quality of life, due to the enormous efforts of our nurses, vet and hydro-therapist, a well-designed physiotherapy and hydrotherapy programme and a huge effort on Rufus's part too! This case clearly shows that with the best possible treatment, based on solid science and knowledge, massive improvements can be achieved, even if the outcome looks bleak at the start. We are so proud to be able to offer all this at our veterinary practice, to enhance and improve the quality of life for our patients."

Dr. van Dongen also received this update from Rufus's owner: "Rufus's progress has been absolutely astounding. He is now almost fully back to normal. He is happy to walk on the tiled and wooden floors again; he is nudging me constantly for attention; he is putting his front paws up on me while he balances on his back legs etc."

Read the complete case study and see more photos of Rufus ...


CRI's Brazilian Program is Off to a Great Start!

Brazil class photoMay 28, 2015—In early May, CRI held its first course in Brazil, Introduction to Canine Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation, taught by Dr. M. Christine Zink.

We had a great group of students, and their energy was contagious!

Our Brazilian program includes three hands-on courses and an internship at a practice with a certified canine rehabilitation therapist. We are planning to hold the second and third certification classes in 2016.

Please see the Brazilian Program page for more details about upcoming courses. We are excited to bring CRI's courses to our colleagues in South America!

Brazil class photo


March 2015

"Better Paws for Brutus: CSU Partners to Help Quadruple-Amputee Dog," Source, Colorado State University

March 26, 2015—A team of veterinary rehabilitation professionals, including CRI faculty members Dr. Felix Duerr and Sasha Foster, MS PT, CCRT, of Colorado State University and Martin Kaufmann, ABC, BSBA, c-PED, of OrthoPets, recently partnered to help Brutus, a quadruple amputee dog.

Their story, "Better Paws for Brutus: CSU Partners to Help Quadruple-Amputee Dog," by Ashley Manweiler, was recently featured in Source, the CSU news website.

"When Brutus was just a puppy, his breeder left the young Rottweiler outside in freezing temperatures," the article states. "The pup suffered frostbite in all four paws. The breeder tried to salvage the puppy's paws with an at-home amputation, but Brutus was maimed and couldn't walk without pain."

"Now 2 years old, Brutus is living with a dedicated foster owner in Loveland and has become the second dog ever known to receive four prosthetic limbs. He is learning to walk again with help from OrthoPets, an animal prosthetics developer in Denver, and pet orthopedics experts at Colorado State University's James L. Voss Veterinary Teaching Hospital."

"I believe prosthetics will play a big role in the future of veterinary orthopedics," said Dr. Felix Duerr, an assistant professor in the Department of Clinical Sciences who practices small animal orthopedics and sports medicine at the university's Veterinary Teaching Hospital. "Brutus shows how we can explore new technologies to find solutions, and how our partnerships with companies like OrthoPets really help."

Read the full article ...


Congratulations to CRI Graduate Dr. Bess Pierce

Dr. Bess PierceMarch 26, 2015—CRI graduate Dr. Bess Pierce, DVM, MZS, DABVP, DACVIM, DACVSMR, CCRT, received the 2015 Bustad Companion Animal Veterinarian of the Year Award on January 9 during the AVMA Veterinary Leadership Conference in Chicago.

According to the JAVMA report on this award, the award is co-sponsored by the AVMA, the American Veterinary Medical Foundation, and Pet Partners. It is named in honor of Dr. Leo Bustad, a pioneer in the field of human-animal interactions, and recognizes the outstanding work of veterinarians in preserving and protecting human-animal relationships.

Dr. Pierce serves as the director for the VA-MD Regional College of Veterinary Medicine's Center of Animal Human Relationships. She has served more than 20 years on active and reserve duty in the U.S. Army Veterinary Corps and is currently a colonel in the U.S. Army Reserve, assigned to the Public Health Command Region-Europe. She also serves as associate secretary/treasurer of the American College of Veterinary Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation.

All of us at CRI congratulate Dr. Pierce on this well-deserved award!

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Congratulations to Our New Graduates

July 2016
Lukina Burks, DVM, CCRT
Ashlee Callander, VN, CCRA
Tina Chen, DVM, CCRT
Karen Davies, DVM, CVA, CCRT
Wendy Herlihy, DVM, cVMA, CCRT
Elizabeth Knabe, DVM, CCRT
Kimberly Neff, DVM, CVC, CVA, CCRT
Cassie D. Schiller, DVM, CCRT
Katherine E. Seavey, DVM, CCRT
Carla Wilkie, DVM, CCRT

June 2016
Leonda Armstrong, DVM, cVMA, CCRT
Daniel Benitez, CVT, CCRA
Wendy Bernstein, DVM, CCRT
Olivia Sinn Kay Chan, DVM, MPH, CVA, CCRT
Lisa Christensen, DVM, CCRT
Pamela Ford, DVM, CCRT
Sally N. Gosselin, CVT, CCRA
Sarah Love, DVM, CCRT
Kate McCormick, DVM, CCRT
Myri-Ann Melendez, DVM, CCRT
Tricia Munroe, DVM, cVMA, CCRT
Sunny Rubin, MSPT, CCRT
Erika Sullenberger, DVM, CCRT
Janice Stehle Truemper, DVM, CCRT

May 2016
Glenn D. Huth, DVM, CCRT
Yu-Hsin Lien, DVM, MVM, PhD, CVA, CCRT
Yu-Cheng Lin, PT, CCRT
Eric D. Mondschein, DVM , MPH, CVA, CCRT
Katie Reinhardt, PT, DPT, CCRT
Dennis Nelson Voorheis, DVM, CCRT
Toshiaki Watanabe, DVM, CCRT

April 2016
David Brdecka, DVM, CCRT
Jaclyn George, DPT, CCRT
Sheila T. Henriquez-Rivera, DVM, CCRT
Pranjal Nadkarni, B.V.S.c. & A.H., CCRT
Sarah Timmerman, DVM, CCRT
Jodi Tjelta, MSPT, ATC, CCRT

March 2016
Renee DeSimone, BS, CVT, CCRA
Katie Fitzgerald, DPT, CCRT
Daniel James Fitzsimmons, DVM, CCRT
Laura L. Krill, CCRA
Gregg Levine, DVM, CCRT
Kathleen Orf, PT, CCRT
Alexander C. Robb, DVM, CCRT
Nancy K. Tharp, DVM, CVA, CCRT
Tiiu Toijala, DVM, CCRT
Nicole L. Wagnon, DVM, CCRT
Alison Kammer Weiss, DVM, CCRT

February 2016
Seth Bleakley, MVB, MRCVS, CCRT
Donna Markland, DVM, CCRT, CVA
Arielle Pechette Markley, DVM, cVMA, CVPP, CCRT
Janice McConnell, DVM, CCRT
Roberta Milas, DVM, CCRT
Margaret Julia Potter, DVM, CCRT

January 2016
Mandy Brody, RVT, CCRA
Jaime Jackson, BVSc, CCRT
Kevin Allen Jones, DVM, CCRT
Lindsey Rogers, DVM, CCRT
Sarah Emma Taggart, RVN, CCRA
Kristal Turner, DVM, CVA, CCRT
Natelle Marie Warner, RVT, CCRA

December 2015
Valerie Curry, VA, CCRA
Denise A. Grimm, BS, CCRA

November 2015
Lisa E. Barlow, DVM, CVA, CCRT
Elaine L. Ferrera, CVT, CCRA
Leslie Michelle Franklin, CVT, CCRA
Irene Fuertes, DVM, CCRT
Pamela R. Goble, DVM, CCRT
Krista Gudmundson, RVT, CCRA
Tatijuana Hintze-McMahon, CVT, CCRA
Kari Hogan, RAHT, CCRA
Avery Inskip, BS, CCRA
Heather Lindgren, DVM, CCRT
Colleen A. Lum, LVT, CCRA
Deanna O'Neal, DVM, CCRT
Michelle (Chelly) Quinn, DVM, CCRT
Christy Silcott-Leddy, RVT, CCRA
Shannon Spiegel, BA, CVT, CCRA
Christina Steward, DVM, CCRT
Angela Youello, VMD, PhD, CCRT
Sherri Youngblood, DVM, CCRT

October 2015
Chiara Adorini, Med. Vet, DVM, CVA, CCRT
Jessica Raye Burgess, DVM, CVA, CCRT
Barbara Butler, DVM, CVA, CCRT
Barry Cherno, DVM, CCRT
Mirjam Coert, DVM, MRCVS, CCRT
Sonni Gilbert, DVM, CCRT
Constanza B. Gomez Alvarez, DVM, PhD, MRCVS, CVA, CCRT
Joanne Goulet, PT, DPT, C/NDT, CCRT
Jeff Ladd, DVM, CCRT
Christopher Lewis, MS, DVM, CCRT
Sarah McFarlane, VT, CCRA
Balpal Sandhu, DVM, CCRT
Curtis Stonecipher, DVM, CCRT
Nicolas Vecchio, DVM, DACVS, CCRT
Maggie Weston, DVM, CCRT

September 2015
Louren Carlino, DVM, CCRT
Brittany Carr, DVM, CCRT
Marcelle Cassar, BVSc, MRCVS, CCRT
Russell Howe-Smith, MS, VMD, CCRT
Kathryn Marles, LVT, VTS (Neurology), CCRA
Anne Risaliti, PT, CCRT
Tolina Tina Son, DVM, DACVECC, CVA, CCRT
Beth Tomasello, VT, CCRA

August 2015
Sofia Brickman, DVM, CCRT
Melloney Erwin, DVM, CCRT
Jessica Kyle Schumacher, DVM, CCRT
Anna B. Wolfe, DVM, CVSMT, CCRT

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